About Us

Mainstream Housing supports quality, affordable housing options for people with developmental disabilities.


Mainstream Housing positively impacts the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families by providing quality, affordable housing where people can be proud of where and how they live. The sense of belonging that comes from living independently within a supportive community is an important outcome of our service.

A person centered approach to services and living spaces is a core value of Mainstream Housing.  Resident services, designed to develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-determination and inclusion are an integral part of Mainstream’s goals.  Emerald Options, a special program of Mainstream Housing, provides housing and support services for homeless individuals with a developmental disability and their families.


  • Increase the availability of affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities
  • Maximize the use of existing resources by advocating and educating
  • Educate the public and the state to improve affordable housing options
  • Educate the residents to sustain responsible tenancy
  • Integrate residents with developmental disabilities into their community
  • Improve affordable housing options in an industry that typically under-serves people with developmental disabilities



Mainstream Housing Incorporated (MHI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was. founded in 1990.  MHI emerged out of a desire to improve the quality of construction, design and livability of licensed group homes being built for individuals with developmental disabilities. Between 1993 and 2000, MHI secured contracts to build homes for the Mental Health Developmental Disability Services Division (MHDDS) in Oregon.  From 1990 – 2000 MHI built 32 group homes throughout Oregon.

Following the completion of the group homes, MHI shifted its focus to create new project models including construction and rehabilitation of multi-family rental units for very low-income individuals with disabilities. MHI currently manages and oversees all 32 group homes as well as owns and operates four multi-family complexes for low income individuals and people with developmental disabilities. Mainstream Housing continues to be a leader in the development of innovative, affordable housing and service models to better meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

John Wagner, 1990 to 1999

Lou Enge, 1999 to 2004
Barbara Walker, Interim ED, 2004-2005
Matt Faddich, 2005 to 2012
Jim Gangle, Interim ED, Aug. 2012 to Dec. 2012
Heather Bohannon, Dec. 2012 to October 2013
Jim Gangle, Interim ED, October 2013 to July 2014
Jaclyn LaRue, July 2014 to present