Resident Services

…. is a friendly smile and a helping hand
…. Is someone who listens
…. Is having a community of support
…. is learning new skills and building confidence
…. Is someone to turn to in times of need

Mainstream’s Resident Service programs help people meet life’s daily challenges and gain important life skills.

When tenants move into MHI’s Aquarius, Applegate or Mainstream apartment complexes, they get more than a safe living space. They join a community.

Renters at these units participate in Mainstream Housing’s Resident Services program, which connects them with necessary services, resources – and each other.

Resident Services Coordinator Christina de Cristo offers individualized support and assistance for residents in whatever form they need. That could mean helping them access bus passes, directing them to the local Social Security office or connecting them with an agency offering utility bill assistance.

Residents can also choose to participate in group social activities, such as potlucks, picnics and holiday gatherings. A recent planting party at Mainstream Apartments offered residents a chance to foster friendships as they cultivated their sense of community, security and stability. “It does bring them together and it makes the apartments very beautiful because the flowers are in full bloom,” de Cristo says of the planting party. “It gives them pride in their environment.”

Weekly food days provided by Food for Lane County deliver physical nourishment as well as sustenance for the soul, allowing people to socialize as they enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and bread.

As residents get their essential needs met, they build confidence, connections and a sense of belonging that can be difficult to find in a traditional housing setting. This can set them up for success at maintaining permanent residency and, ultimately, a self-directed life.

The Resident Services Program:

  • Links  residents with community resources.
  • Provides community gardening activities.
  • Makes a weekly delivery of fresh vegetables, fruits and other food items from Food for Lane County.
  • Schedules fun arts and craft projects.
  • Organizes social events.