What is available?    Check the vacancy section of this website for a listing of current availabilities.

I don’t see any availabilities listed. Do you have a waiting list?    If there are no vacancies showing, we encourage you to submit a waiting list application. This is a simple process and no fees are required to apply. Please visit the HOW TO APPLY page for complete information on how to apply. Once a unit is available, we will contact applicants in the order applications were received.

How do I apply?     You will find detailed information on the HOW TO APPLY page of this website.

How long is the waiting list?  At this time the waiting list is approximately 18 months.

Is there an application fee?    No. There is no fee to apply.

There will be more than one adult living in my apartment.  Who should apply?  To be put on the waiting list, only one adult in the household needs to fill out an application.

At the time a unit becomes available, every applicant over the age of 18 will need to fill out a separate application, except married couples. Married couples only need to fill out one application.

 Do you allow pets?    Yes.  Pets are welcome with payment of a $400 pet deposit.

What are your deposits?    We require a refundable security deposit of $595.  If you want to have a pet, an additional $400 pet deposit is required.

 What about Utilities?    We pay for water, sewer and garbage.  Tenants are responsible for paying for their electricity, telephone and cable.  We offer recycling and on-site coin operated laundries at all of the properties.

Do you take section 8 (HUD) applicants?    Yes.

I have never rented before; can I still rent from you?    A past rental history of 3 years is preferred. We will consider applications on a case by case basis for Individuals with no rental history. Please contact Mainstream Housing at 484-4868 to discuss rental eligibility.

 I have an eviction on my record; can I still rent from you?    If you have been evicted there should not be an outstanding balance owed to previous landlords. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis with increased deposits required.

 I have a felony on my record; can I still rent from you? Negative reports may result in a denial of an application. We do a criminal/public records check on all applicants. Ability to rent with a felony record will be decided on a case by case basis. Any individual who is a substance abuse user, manufacturer or distributor, or applicants who have committed crimes against others may be denied tenancy.

I cannot find the answer to my question on your website. Who can I ask? Please contact Mainstream Housing, 541-484-4868, with further questions.