Mainstream Housing is more than housing. We create homes.

Welcome to Mainstream Housing, an organization committed to providing quality, affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities. This site will provide you with general information about our programs and the many ways in which we benefit individuals and families in our community.


If you are looking for detailed information on apartment availability and rentals please click on “view properties” in the side bar to the right.

…is a place where you belong
…means you can be proud of where and how you live
…makes you feel secure
…provides stability
…means you are not homeless 
Mainstream housing provides more than just a house. We provide a home

…. is a friendly smile and a helping hand
…. Is someone who listens
…. Is having a community of support
…. is learning new skills and building confidence
…. Is someone to turn to in times of need
Mainstream’s Resident Service and HomeSpace programs help people meet life’s daily challenges and gain important life skills.

…. is knowing you are not alone
…. is knowing things can get better
…. is knowing others care
…. is a chance for a fresh start
…. Is knowing that you have options  
For many, Mainstream Housing is the last hope. We’re here to help.